Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School

Well, it is the end of August and that means that it is time to once again go back to school. One day I am going to finish! I am a junior and this semester am taking 7 credits. I have pretty much exhausted the evening classes that the communications department offers. That means a whole new experience as I am on campus during the day. The first day, I felt very out of place. I am a 28 year old father of two boys and am attending school with all of these newly graduated from high school aged kids. Luckily that feeling only lasted a minute or so, before I remembered it doesn't matter, because they don't care about me and I don't really care about them(unless we are put in a group to work together on a project).
As far as my classes this semester, I am lucky to have a couple of easy classes and one hard class. My hard class is research methods, which will give me my biggest paper thus far in college, 22 pages. However, the professor says it shouldn't be that hard. The other two classes are studio production and performance, where I learn how to do my job and the radio DJ class, where I DJ at the college radio station. I loved that class last semester and I don't see that changing this semester.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Helping Hands

Just when you think your situation is bad, you always find out that somebody has it worse than you do. On Monday and Tuesday, I was kind of feeling that our situation was pretty bleak. Tuesday night, I had a reality check. Cheri came home from a meeting and informed me that some of our neighbors/friends were in pretty desperate need of food, especially baby food. Hearing this, we both felt extremely bad for them. So, we grabbed a box and filled it with food to give to them. Really it wasn't a lot, but we hope and pray that it was enough to help them realize that there is hope and they can rely on their friends. As we were filling the box, I realized just how good Cheri and I do have it right now even though we are struggling. The lord does bless us and watch out for us.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Rewind

Here is Eston, all ready to go trick or treating as Curious George with dad as The Man in the Yellow Hat. We had a great time and he thought it was awesome that daddy dressed up too.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

The date

For the last six years, Cheri has been trying to surprise me with anything. Most of the time when she tries, I figure it out. Well Saturday she finally succeeded. I had to work on Saturday night. Just as we were done taping some items for sports, I checked my phone and had a text message from her asking if I had dinner. This is something she periodically asks, so I thought nothing of it. Even though I did have dinner, I went to Costa Vida. I rode trax over to the Gateway and then back. As I was walking back to the front door, I looked across the street and noticed a Cobalt. The first thought that went through my head was, "Did I bring the Cobalt?" Then I saw my car and continued onward. As I got to the front door of KSL, I saw my lovely wife standing there with a picnic dinner. I was so suprised and extremly happy. So, we walked around back around the building, found a spot on the grass, ate and talked for about two hours. I had a great time and Cheri finally got to surprise me.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Trip to the Fair

Last night we decided to go to the Davis County Fair. When Cheri got home from work, she made the suggestion that Grandma and Grandpa Hellewell go with us. So, we had Eston call and ask them, because no grandparent can say no to their grand kid. That was the case in this instance as well. We decided to meet at their house and then travel to the fair from there. When we arrived at their house, Grandpa Hellewell came over to the car and told me he needed to stop and get air for a flat tire. The gas station was not too far from their house, but that trip was enough to ruin the tire. So, now we didn't need air, but to change the tire instead.
Grandpa and I started changing the tire. We ended up having to go back to Grandpa's house to get a floor jack, because the jack in the Trooper wasn't cutting it. During the process of changing the tire we were offered help by two different people. It is great to know that people are so willing to help.
The kindness did not stop there, it continued when we got to the fair. Grandma surprised Eston with four tickets to ride some of the rides. He first rode the boats which took two tickets. Then he wanted to ride the scrambler with daddy. So, I ran and bought as many tickets as I could. Luckily I got three tickets, because the ride was three tickets. However, Eston only had two tickets. The ride operator saw that Eston wanted to ride the ride with me, so said that two tickets would be sufficient.
As the evening continued, we went into the exhibitor building. There was a church that had free face painting. Eston really wanted his face painted, so Cheri waited in line with him. Eston was the next one in line when a sheriff's deputy came up to close the booth down. Cheri explained to Eston that they couldn't get his face painted and the ladies at the booth offered him a pencil that he declined to take, because he wanted his face painted. I guess the sadness on his face got the lady at the booth and the sheriff's deputy. So, when the lady asked the deputy if they could quickly paint a smiley face on him. In the end, Eston had his face painted and the deputy had a hug from Eston and I went to bed with better perspective on life and people of the world. Kindness makes a difference.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday Rewind

Here is a picture of Eston meeting his new little brother Carson. At first he wasn't too excited about a little brother, but soon warmed up to him as you can see. Now that Carson is seven months old, Eston is going back to that not too excited attitude, because he has to share his toys more and more as Carson starts getting more mobile.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

On the hunt

As of the first of July, I am unemployed. Well, I guess I am just half unemployed. I lost my job at Inwest Title due to the recent downturn in the economy. Luckily, I still have a job at KSL and have been able to pick up a few extra hours. Even with that I am still looking for another job.
I have applied for some jobs, attended a couple of job searching classes and (the best part) spent a whole lot more time with my family. School is in between semesters at the moment and it has been nice to not have that stress out of my life for a little bit. However, once it starts, my schedule will make it harder to find a job. I will just have to find an extremely time flexible employer. However, we have been very blessed up to now and I hope it will stay that way.