Friday, September 2, 2011


Wednesday night Cheri and I took Eston to his first ever "Back to School Night." He is starting preschool next week and got to go check it our and talk to his teacher. He was very excited to see the classroom, but more excited when he looked in the backyard and saw the trampoline and slide.
When we got there, the teacher had a nice little gift for each of the kids and Eston absolutely loved it. It was a colored cup with a pencil, eraser and number line. She also had some treats on the table for everybody to partake of and that too made Eston extremely excited. He scarfed down the brownie spilling crumbs all over the floor.
After we went to meet the teacher, we stopped to get dinner. Carson was at Grandma and Grandpa's so it was just Eston with Cheri and me. It was there at dinner that I realized how quickly he has grown up and how proud I am  to be his dad. He is such a good kid and has so much ahead of him. I just hope he doesn't let anybody stop him from doing and getting what he wants in life.

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